COVID-19 Information

REMINDER: Mask wearing, proper hygiene, physical distancing and staying home when sick are all ways to keep you and your loved ones healthy. 

​Under direction from the province and the health authority and following guidelines set out by the provincial Response Planning Team, our school division has developed a Back to School Plan for the Fall of 2021. Please read the LSKYSD - Back to School Plan document below.

NOTE: The Back to School Plan will be updated as information from the CMHO becomes available.


Safe Attendance focuses on the health of students and staff before and while they are at school.


Safe Transportation focuses on the safe movement of students to and from school. Where possible, the ministry is encouraging parents to transport their own children to and from school.  

Assigned seats and a record of this seating plan on school buses.

Students who live in the same household should be seated together.


Safe Access focuses on the daily flow of students and staff within the building. Safe Access includes school-level considerations such as:


Safe Facilities focuses on the cleaning and sanitation of school buildings. Schools have been asked to increase sanitation measures and continue to promote proper hygiene practices. This includes


Safe Classrooms focuses on the measures to ensure the safe sharing of space in the classroom between students and staff. These measures include:


Safe Supports focuses on the protocols in place to support


Safe Activities focuses on the protocols and policies governing group activities including:

All extra-curricular activities are on hold in September.

Swimming lessons will be postponed.

Field trips on bus and school excursions will also be on hold. We will encourage classes to get outside and go for learning walks weather permitting.  Please look for a blanket permission form in September.


Safe Alternatives focuses on the contingency plans to ensure the continuation of education in a safe learning environment. There are four levels of education delivery:

Level 1: Primary and Secondary Educational Guidelines – As close to ‘normal’ as possible, with some additional measures.

Level 2: will involve mask usage as determined by the Chief Medical Health Officer.

Level 3: will involve reducing classroom capacity. This may include establishing cohorts and hybrid learning models as considerations.

Level 4: would take us back to suspending in-class learning, and moving back to a similar model we saw this past spring, with divisions working at the local level to ensure learning continues. In this model school would continue to be mandatory, albeit remotely.

These levels would be put in place by Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Officer and we will continue to work closely with him, and his team, on all Safe Saskatchewan planning.


Our first priority is to have students and staff at school in-person, knowing that we have done everything we can to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We are also working on ways to support students who need to learn from home. Parents who wish to express an interest in virtual learning are asked to reach out to the school at 306-937-7998.

8 areas of focus

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